The classes are safe and structured in a way that beginners concentrate on the basic techniques rather than only sparring, although most students are allowed to “roll” (sparring). The atmosphere is friendly and stimulating. The official program is conducted with high professional standards and attracts students from the average person that wants to get in shape, while learning self-defense to high level professional martial artists. It is a complete program that includes “Gi (uniform or kimono) Techniques, “No-Gi” Techniques, Self-Defense, Throws & Take-Downs, Free Style BJJ (or technical MMA), Sports Grappling and Fitness. The Techniques in BJJ are divided into different categories, such as takedowns, arm-locks, leg-locks, joint locks, immobilizations, chokes, strikes, etc. Falls, another important aspect of it, are almost a mandatory part of warm-ups. Classes normally last 1h15min., and learning the white belt basics will usually take around a year of training. Unlike many other martial arts that usually require 5-7 years of study to earn a black belt, BJJ may require twice this time. It is an Art that requires a good deal of commitment. However, if you ask anyone who mastered the system; the answer will be it is worth the effort and the waiting! Nevertheless, the martial art way and its philosophy has the ability of empowering anyone’s mind, body and soul; regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability.


  • Greet the teacher and everyone at the BABJJ before and after each class. Do not step on the mat with your shoes on and remove all jewelry before class. It is mandatory to bring to all classes both sets of the Academy Official Uniform, clean, washed and free of tearing: White Gi with patches & the No-Gi Uniform (T-Shirt + Shorts).  When late for class, greet the instructor and wait for permission to step on the mat. Do not leave the class for a break, water, or any early dismissal without permission. On the mat, you should address Mr. Baek as Professor.    
  • It is expected from all students to help with the cleaning of the mat before the beginning of each class.  (try to come 10min. earlier). Keep the facility neat and clean. Close all doors before and after using the restroom or lockers .Keep your finger and toe nails clipped short (females exempt).  All members  must display good hygiene. Do not forget your belt, Gi (uniform), or any other personal item on the floor. Do not throw any equipment around. The academy is not responsible for any loss.While inside the school, keep your shirt on. Keep good manners at all time. Treat all fellow members with respect and courtesy. Refrain from using inappropriate language or loud chatter.  Always help the newer students.  When seated on the floor, cross your legs and have your back straight.  Be always alert: a classmate foot, hand, head, etc., can come flying from nowhere and strike you by surprise.            
  • Permission is required to photograph or film inside the school.  No alcohol, drugs or smoking allowed inside the facility. And it is prohibited to sell any merchandise  inside the Academy or to recruit members to take part in political parties,  religious groups, sporting events or commercial institutions.
  •  Do not grab water or beverages from the HAPKIDO refrigerator before paying Grand- Master Song (the fridge items do not pertain Prof. Baek)
  • No sparring allowed without supervision of the instructor. Control yourself during sparring and adjust intensity according to your opponent’s size and skill level.
  • Tap immediately if someone “finishes you” (submit you). That’s the best way to avoid injuries and the best way to learn and get better in the art. Report any injury to the instructor, and if you are taking any type of medication that makes you feel dizzy or weak. Do not compare yourself with other students during thtime of promotion because allstudents will be assessed individually, according to their own potential.
  • Keep your personal problems (and your ego) out of the Academy. If you have any issues with any other member, just speak with the instructor to help solve it. And any student thatcause or engage in any altercation or physically assault other student , member or guest;  will be subject to suspension of privileges as a member or expelling from the academy. Martial Arts should only be used in a self-defense situation, or to enforce peace.
  • Students must honor all membership and fees on time. Through that, the management can guarantee professional business excellence and keep the highest quality instruction for all members.




Monday           12-1pm(All Levels)   6-7pm(Advanced)   7-8pm(Beginners)   8pm(Open-Mat)

Tuesday                                          6-7pm(Advanced)   7-8pm(Beginners)   8pm(Open-Mat)

Wednesday    12-1pm(All Levels)   6-7pm(Advanced)   7-8pm(Beginners)   8pm(Open-Mat)                                                                                                                      

Thursday                                         6-6:45pm(Kids)   7-8pm(All Levels)   8pm(Open-Mat)

Friday              12-1pm(All Levels)     

Saturday         Closed

Sunday           Closed




UNIFORM NOTE                

It is mandatory to bring to all classes: Gi, No-Gi, Freestyle; both sets of the official uniforms:      

  •  Gi (academy white kimono with patches)      
  •  No-Gi (official black fight shorts and black t-shirt)    
  •  Freestyle BJJ “MMA” (official black fight shorts and black t-shirt plus academy white gloves)   



Level 1 (Novice)                                              White                               Belt         

Level 2 (Advanced Beginner)                        Blue                                Belt

Level 3 (Competent)                                       Purple                             Belt

Level 4 (Proficient)                                          Brown                             Belt

Level 5 (Expert)                                               Black                               Belt